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Handmade Silk Wedding Veils

Silk tulle wedding veil edged with lace and decorated with motifs

Photograph courtesy of Julia Boggio

A luxurious wedding veil can make a dramatic difference transforming the simplest dress into a stunning Bridal outfit.

Soft silk tulle wedding veil with lace edge


I design and hand make exclusive, luxurious wedding veils from the sheerest tulle, including 100% silk tulle, for brides all over the world. Each of my luxurious bespoke wedding veils is professionally designed and hand made to order so that each Bride can have a special veil to compliment their beautiful wedding gown. I pay meticulous attention to detail using only the best quality fabric, lace and custom embroidery.

I have always shied away from using polyester tulle because I could never find a quality that compares with silk tulle. Having searched far and wide I am pleased to say that I can now offer beautiful sheer silk style polyester veils in addition to my luxurious silk tulle veils. The same high quality work and dedication goes into creating these veils. They can be adorned with lace or embroidery.

I am fully trained, qualified and an expert in my field. My luxurious veils are individually hand crafted in the UK and not mass produced. I use only the best quality materials, and being a perfectionist I pay attention to getting the smallest detail just right.

If you would like free fabric samples please contact me. I am always happy to give advice regardless of whether you order a Bridal veil from me or not.

My wedding veils can be shipped worldwide so regardless of where you live you can have a luxury wedding veil handmade especially for you.

Due to the bespoke nature of my work, I create a limited number of luxury wedding veils each year. I get booked up very quickly so it is essential to contact me as early as you can before your wedding, especially if you would like custom embroidery or beadwork. 

Please contact me  for more information.

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